Step One

Step One is a community to help you start a better UX career.

Finding a UX-minded company with entry-level opportunities is hard enough. Readying yourself to apply, practicing for and making the most of the application process, understanding feedback, rejections, and offers, and finally taking the first step of your career. We’d like to help you along this journey.

Whether you’re an aspiring designer, developer, researcher, or content specialist, we want you to start a better UX career.


Join the community.

Step One and its resources are absolutely free, and we’d be ecstatic to have you as a part of it.

We need your help

We’d love to hear from companies, leaders, hiring managers, and recruiters that are interested in helping develop and support the next generation of UX talent —

Who are we?

Step One is a work-in-progress created by Travis Hines, a former Sr. Design Lead at Shopify, and Tom Creighton, a former Director of Design at Wealthsimple. They are equally passionate about giving back to the UX community, and welcome others that would like to do the same.